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  • Question: Can I get The Scrambler For FREE?
  • Answer: Well I searched and searched but could not find a 100% free download of the official Scrambler method anywhere.  All I got was a bunch of viruses on my PC. If a site tells you it’s free then I would be very skeptical as one does not exist.
  • Solution: The best solution is to get The scrambler from the official site. So click on the Link above after reading the full Unlock Her Legs review for the cheapest price available.

So I do hope that the above video which was an in depth look inside the members area and a full rundown and look at the actual Scrambler method and ebook was helpful. Because I’m an actual use of it I was able to show you what inside which is not something that you will normally see.

Now to get a few Free Downloads that I found really helpful to use in conjunction with the Scrambler just enter your details in the box to the right of this page. For now continue reading to see everything that inside this product in extreme detail.

If you would like to learn a little about me at any time just head to the about me page or continue reading the review below.

Why I Wrote The Scrambler Review?

The reason I wrote this review really stems from my own personal experiences with trying to pick up women  and the eventual success I had using The Scrambler effect.

Now I like so many guys out there was hopeless at picking up women or even talking to women. When I look back just a few months ago I was really quite a sad case and me getting a date or even a one night stand was a non event.

I would head out every Friday night and most Saturday nights with the expectation that tonight will be the night “I will pick up tonight” only to find myself struggling to attract any women at all. I would chat up chicks, dance with them and then stumble around trying to find the perfect time to make my move.

Only thing was by the time I had built up the confidence to make my move some other guy was already hooking up with her. This happened nearly every weekend I went out and I would even try making my move earlier only to get rejected and land flat on my face.

I literally gave up, I started searching online for some sort of magic pick up line or methods to getting the girl. I would buy a new course nearly every week and the only thing these courses ever gave me was the guts to go out and try again.

Not one course or method actually worked and in the process I was spending  my hard earned money on courses that made a lot of promises but all failed to deliver. Maybe it was just me but I was following them to the letter with no success at all.

One Saturday night I was playing pool with a group of guys and I noticed one of the blokes who was not that good looking was constantly ducking off to hook up with different random chicks.

It all seemed so casual to him which had me interested and amazed, so as the night progressed and we were all getting pretty drunk I built up the courage to talk to this guy and I asked him what his secret was. He told me all about this method called The Scrambler.

He used this to mess with the girls minds and have them chase him, now I would have thought this was bull if I had not just witnessed him in action the whole night.

When I got home “alone again” I jumped online and looked up this Scrambler technique and to my surprise there were literally no real reviews to read so I found myself to the official site which took some doing. The Scrambler method was actually part of a much larger course called the Unlock Her Legs program, it was created by two love guru’s and real experts in picking up women called Rob Judge and Bobby Rio.

I was pretty drunk by now so I just went ahead and bought the damn thing. It was a lot cheaper than I first thought it would be and a lot cheaper than all the crap I had tried and failed at before. Now they were so confident that this would wok for me and literally anyone that they offer you a 60 day money back guarantee, which is pretty cool and takes all the risk away.

The next morning with a hangover I decided to stay home and get stuck into the course and learn all about The Scrambler effect. With every page that I read it was like a constant supply of light bulb moments.

I ended up reading it and watching all the video’s 3 times because I was so amazed at what I was learning and I could see everything that I was doing completely wrong. I wanted to make sure I had a real good understanding of this system before I went out the next weekend.

getting luck with the scramblerI was invited out the next weekend with some mates and I really didn’t have any great expectations but I must say I felt different from the get go.

Once I got out there, had a few drinks and got started talking to a few chicks and following The Scrambler method I noticed that the chicks were actually focused on me.

They were putting there hands on my lap during conversations to get my attention, this alone was very new and exciting to me.

So to keep a long story short that night I took an extremely hot chick back to my apartment and even hooked up with another chick at the club. It worked and since then I have been with more chicks in the last 2 months than I had ever been with in my entire life.

I was so amazed at this course or method that I decided to write a review on the product from an actual users point of view. There was still very little out there when it cam to good reviews so I knew my site would helps stacks of guys to get that chick they are after.

I do hope you enjoy this review on The Scrambler, so continue on for the full review.

SO What Exactly Is The Scrambler?

the scramblerOkay I will keep this section brief because I will be covering exactly what you get and learn in The Scrambler a little later on in this review. In this section I will just give you a brief overview on what it is so you understand the philosophy behind it.

The Scrambler is broken up into 5 easy to do steps and wit each step there are particular phases that you will want to take a woman through in order to scramble her mind psychologically trigger a switch in her mind that will make her want to sleep with you.

This has nothing to do with being a sleaze or using any real cheesy pick up lines. It’s more based on the idea that women just like anyone really wants what they feel they can’t have.

“In short The Scrambler effect is an amazing mind control method that will put you in charge and will have hot chicks beating down your door – Guaranteed”

In the Next Section below I will be covering exactly what you get and all of the features that The Scrambler technique has. If you want to ask me any questions please do so here as I’m always happy to help.

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In this section you will see what is inside The Scrambler method and a quick rundown of all the methods and tricks you get in the Unlock Her Legs members area.

Below is a real quick video showing you inside The Scrambler so you can see what you get inside the PDF part of this course. After the video continue on reading for a full explanation of every thing you get inside and what each step and course entails. Also I go over every other thing that you get with the entire Unlock Her Legs Course.

I do hope that the video as informative and it was just a quick look inside the written course on The Scrambler read on for even more details.

The Scrambler

the scramblerThe scrambler method is delivered to you in 2 different formats both Audio and PDF Ebook. The audio is literally the entire course as a MP3 download so you can listen on the go, in the car or recap certain parts just before you head out for the night.

The PDF Ebook is the entire course broken down into 5 steps and then an additional 6 phases which relates to the original 5 steps you will be implementing. See below for a full detailed look at all the steps and phases:

  • Step 1 – Interrupting Her Pattern: This is where you are taught how to create some confusion in her mind so you can slip in and plant a new mental idea into her mind. This is very basic and a very important step.
  • Step 2 – The Power Shift: With this step you will learn how to change the control of power from her back over to you. If a girl has the power and knows that she could have her way with you at anytime she pleases she will soon get very bored with you very very quickly.
  • Step 3 – The Validation: All humans love the feeling of being validated and girls in a particular actually seek this feeling. This is why nice guys tend to fail, it’s unfortunate but true. If you have the power she will begin to crave your attention and therefore your validation.
  • Step 4 – Unpredictable Rewards: This is where you are taught how to esculate her commitment to you so she can gain the validation from you. So here is where she will become interested in you and the chase begins only this time you are being chased and not doing the chasing.
  • Step 5 – Physical Intimacy: Girls at this stage will be wanting and waiting for you to make the first move to get to some Physical intimacy. You learn when the right time to make the move and exactly what move or moves to make.

Next I will cover the exact phases that you need to take the girls through and all this incorporates with the 5 steps as above.

  • Phase 1 – Black Out: This will help you ensure that you don’t get caught into the friend zone.
  • Phase 2 – Reconnaissance: If you don’t hit it off with a girl the first time or you have tried to make a move on a girl before understanding the Scrambler then you need the reconnaissance section and phase.
  • Phase 3 – Friendly Fire: This phase is all about the physical action you should be taking, which covers the what, when and how to do it.
  • Phase 4 – DDay: Dday is all about amping up your intensity, you will learn how to inject real sexual tension to heat things up.
  • Phase 5 – Chilled Ice: This is  a tactic that works perfectly to not disconnect but withdraw yourself for a few days to increase her wanting you.
  • Phase 6 – L.U.S.T: This works in conjunction with the LUST course and videos where you are now able to really have her lusting after youso making the move is easy. Most times she will make a move on you before you even get a chance.

When you get access to The Scrambler effect you will also get tons of extra tips, tricks and courses which is all there for you to download or watch live in the Unlock Her Legs members area.

So here’s all the extra stuff you get with the Unlock Her Legs program:

The Unlock Her Legs Closed Door Interview

unlock her legs reviewThis is an amazing set of interviews conducted by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio. It has been broken up into 7 parts so it’s easy to understand and put into practice. This entire section is given to you via MP3 audio.

It’s broken up into these 7 part to make it really easy to digest and it allows you to quickly refer back to a particular audio section if you need a little reminder or pep talk before you head out for the night. I found by having them as an Audio I was able to listen to them while I was driving so learning this stuff really didn’t take any extra time at all.

See what the 7 parts are made up of below:

  • Part 1 – Decoding The Matrix
  • Part 2 – Validation
  • Part 3 – Which Girl
  • Part 4 – Emotions and Attention
  • Part 5 – Playing The Game Dirty
  • Part 6 – The decoder
  • Part 7 – The Big 3

The 7 parts which you see above is over 2 hours of Audio that will teach you the exact mindsets and insider psychology of how a girl thinks and more importantly what makes her lust a particular guy. This is all important to making The Scrambler Method even more effective.

Weapons Of Seduction

unlock her legs secret of seductionThe weapons of seduction training is made up of 2 videos both of which are extremely important in your overall success.

  • The First Part to this in Video 1 is called the “psychology of seduction” this helps you master the head games and mental tactics you need to use. This is a very specific video that gives you the exact weapons you need to use.
  • The Second Part in Video 2 is the Mind Control Tactics where you are able to witness the exact lines and tactics to be able to control her emotions. This will place you in the position of control over how she feels about you.


The LUST System

unlock her legs review lust manualThis one is a big one and is a major part of the whole Unlock Her legs course. It works hand in hand with The Scrambler effect and is very important that you complete this section.

The LUST System comes with a Full PDF Ebook and also 10 step by step training video’s. I found the videos was the very best way to learn this method and gave me the fastest results.

The Lust system videos and subject titles are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Thinking Counter Intuitively & “Garbage Time”: Thinking and acting in a counter intuitive was is very unpredictable and this tends to elicit emotions in the girls mind.
  • Module 2 – Logical versus Emotional & “The Boyfriend Trap”: Avoid being to logical, so don’t try and prove that you are a good match for her. This will put you into the zone of being interesting and will again elicit positive emotions in the girls mind.
  • Module 3 – Riffing & Flirting: Attraction Under The Radar: This video is all about getting her laughing, this is not about being a stand up comedian but more so what is referred to as Tension building through Social Humor.
  • Module 4 – Asserting Masculinity: This is the right way to assert your masculinity and not about being mucho or tough in any way at all. What you will learn here is important but also very different to what you think this all means.
  • Module 5 – Understanding: Beyond Rapport: In this video you will learn the right way to build rapport and how, you also learn when you want her to get to know you and when you want to get to know her better plus understanding what she really wants.
  • Module 6 – “Mirror Mirror” Separating Yourself: This is all based around the biggest mistake a man makes when confronted with a really hot chick, they try to project the same hot image back at them and this is a big mistake.
  • Module 7 – Storytelling To Elicit Emotions: Storytelling is vital when it comes to building sexual tension through the right emotions. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this, you can learn how in this module.
  • Module 8 – Taking It To A Sexual Level: Mental Priming: You will be taught the right way to mentally prime a girl from talking and small touches to making the all important move. All this is achieved without getting the usual rejection.
  • Module 9 – Directing Conversations: “Sexual Snowballing” This is an exact method that you can use to gauge how ready a girl is for sex. This will help you know when to make the final move which is coming up.
  • Module 10 – Taking It Home: “Making Up Her Mind For Her” This is he final step and the most exciting one. Here you will learn how to make up her mind for her to head home with you for sex.

So that’s the Lust system and it really is very powerful when used in conjunction with The Scrambler method.

Next is Invisible Esculation

This is a 1 hour video interview where Rob Judge interviews and expert in creating sexual tension with small but specific touches. This creates a physical need and lust in the women’s mind.

Finally there are 6 Bonuses that you get with this Unlock Her Legs system and they are below.

The Scrambler – Bonuses

  • Bonus 1 – The Boyfriend Destoyer – Mp3
  • Bonus 2 – The Dirty Dozen – Pdf Download
  • Bonus 3 – She Sending Me Signals – Pdf Download
  • Bonus 4 – The Magnetic Effect – Pdf Download
  • Bonus 5 – Her Erogenous Zones – Pdf Donwload

unlock her legs total package

Okay so as you can see this members area is packed with very specific and well laid out steps to getting the girls you want. So not only do you get The Scrambler but you get so much more that will simply make it impossible for you to fail and it all compliments The Scrambler Technique.

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When it comes to The Scrambler method and the entire Unlock Her Legs course there are literally tons of things that I loved. To keep this review as short and to the point as possible I have only listed the stuff that I loved that really stood out to me in a big way.

To read the full list of Stuff I loved read below:

  • The biggest Pro about his course is that it works and works well.
  • The amount of unique techniques that are taught and are not taught anywhere else on the internet because these have been scientifically and practically proven.
  • The Step by Step processes to follow mean that anyone can do this and have success. It’s that black and white, Literally do this then do this then say this etc.
  • The Real life examples which makes it easier to implement as there are so many examples that can be related back to your own personal situation.
  • You don’t have to be a Brad Pitt look alike or change who you are.
  • Not only will your confidence go up with the ladies but your confidence will go through the roof in every aspect of your life.
  • This will work for every type of guy and in every situation from the library to a nightclub. Your looks mean nothing when the step are follow and you do as instructed.
  • The price is so cheap for everything tat you get and its a one time payment.
  • The live forum inside the members area where you get all your questions answered and some real life feedback is incredible and not offered anywhere else.
  • The 60 day back guarantee which really shows how confident they are that it will work for you.

So as you can see with The Scrambler as I mentioned there is so much I could list that I absolutely loved but the ones above are the main one’s that I love the most and really stood out to me.

Continue to read on to see what my final thoughts are and the exact recommendation I would give in relation to The Scrambler Effect.

We have come to the end of the Scrambler website and full review. To finish things off I would like to give you my final thoughts and recommendations on the Unlock Her Legs Product and more so The Scrambler Effect.

If you are serious about getting a quality product that will teach you the exact steps you need to take in order to get any chick you want then I would be seriously looking at the Unlock Her Legs Program.

The scrambler pick up womenI personally went from being a no-hopper when it came to picking up to now being able to pick up at will and I have the scrambler method to thank.

Overall with all the other courses I have bought and methods I have tried this one is by far the best. If you have fallen victim to being rejected, put into the friends zone or even have trouble getting the courage to talk to women then you will love this course.

All you will need to do is get access and go from the top to the bottom and follow each step as it is taught, then just simply do what you are instructed and I guarantee results. They are that confident that this will work for absolutely anyone that they actually offer a 60 money back guarantee and for something that you can be using as soon as tonight then 60 days is really long enough to have picked up multiple women.

So stop buying the silly one liner courses and learn what really makes a girl lust after men, understanding the way a woman thinks and what triggers the fuck me button is the most important method and the only method you will need.

If you would like to grab the scrambler method and give it a try then simply click on the link below.

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