love guru tips from a dating expertWelcome to the start of your new profound sex life, on this page you will see some of the top Love Guru Tips around. There are also plenty of other things to discover as well.

You can learn more about The Scrambler which is a mind control technique that will show you exactly how to get laid on command.

You will also learn exactly what’s inside the Unlock her legs pdf as well. So stay tuned and get ready to start enjoying your weekends.

Before I continue I wanted to briefly explain a few things about my recommended pick up method. The Scrambler is a technique written by two successful men in the dating scene “Bobby Rio and Rob Judge” It can be used to find sex as well as love, depending on the user’s intentions.

While it looks pretty clear laid down on paper, some guys find themselves just not getting it right. If you’re having trouble reading behind the lines successfully with The Scrambler, keep these love guru tips in mind to make sure things go your way.

Here’s 4 Important Love Guru Tips To Keep In Mind

1. Don’t Mess With It

unlock her legs pdfThe Scrambler isn’t simply a compilation of tips and tricks regarding dating which can be mixed and matched as one sees fit. The Scrambler is itself a strategy wherein the whole thing is thrown off if one aspect is tampered with.

So seeing the tactics and technique through will yield incredible results but falling short will leave you rather disappointed.

You see like any method for picking up women the main ingredient you need is confidence and this can be the biggest challenge for most men.

Sure, any given aspect of the technique may help things out, but what you should really be seeking out is the awesome synergy amassed by combining them all together.

Read the technique, memorize it, and keep things by the book.

2. Don’t Blabber On About Yourself

flirting a little to unlock her legsA big part of being a love guru revolves around uncertainty; particularly that of the woman one is trying to go about picking up.

Keeping her uncertain of what you’re all about isn’t as easy as responding to every question with “I don’t know.” It’s more to keep her guessing and interested.

Humans have this need to acquire things that are just out side of there reach, they will always want what they can’t have. The same understanding is used in the methods inside the Unlock her legs Pdf.

That just makes you look like a fool. A reliable and basic way to at least establish some of this uncertainty is simply not opening up about everything right there and then.

Did she ask you what your favorite video game is? No? Then don’t tell her!

I find that if you are more interested in her and ask about what she does, likes etc then she will naturally be more interested in you.

This is where the magic comes in, only tell her what she needs to know, try to keep that cover of mysteriousness about you.

3. Keep Things Vague

be vague when using the scramblerThe time will come when she starts asking questions about you.

While the best way to keep her guessing may be to dismiss the question altogether, this may be seen as rude, which is not a good dating strategy, nor is it a respectful thing to do.

Rather, try to keep things vague. If she asks what your favorite movie is, maybe instead of picking a particular movie, tell her you like comedies.

Of course you have a favorite movie – you know it and I know it, but she doesn’t have to know it at least not yet. The biggest mistake you can make is unloading all about yourself on the first few dates.

All of a sudden you become the old thing and there is really not much more to get from you as the mystery is gone.

Staying as vague as possible while still directly addressing questions is key here.

4. Balance The Power – Don’t Take It

getting luck with the scramblerA big part of The Scrambler, after uncertainty, is validation and approval. Many shy men know what it’s like to constantly feel like they need approval from women.

Not only is this unhealthy, it’s not good for either party in a relationship and if you are able to get into a serious relationship with this person it simply won’t last.

The relationship has been built up with a constant battle of who wears the pants, how giving and sharing you are as well. It’s a hard balance but very necessary for a long term relationship. This is even true when trying to hook up for a one night stand so try to balance the power effectively.

Don’t panic too much as this is all covered in the Unlock her legs course.

You see this technique was made with these men in mind, teaching them that it’s important to create a balance in the need for approval so that it’s not so one-sided.

Unfortunately, some guys take this as an excuse to play mind games and leave a woman co-dependent. Once again, this is not good for a relationship.

It’s important to remember to share the power – not take it. Of all love guru tips, this is the most important, for your relationships and the well being of both parties within them.

So that’s just 4 cool tips that are really quite important to remember. There is no correct way and incorrect way it’s more so understanding what makes a women desire something.

You then need to be placing yourself in the right position and aligning yourself with that person she desires most.

Keep these and other love guru tips in mind on your next night out and they may just pay off.

But remember, dating is only short term if you want it to be or if it doesn’t work out.

In the long term, it’s important to, at least to some degree, keep your guard up and keep things running smoothly – it’s no use changing halfway in a relationship.

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